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Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Discs

Bioanalyse Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing discs intended for:

In people's microbial diseases (infectious diseases); For example otitis, non-healing wounds, ophthalmitis, male and female urinary tract infections ; antibiotics should not be given to the patient before the culture-antibiogram test is done in the laboratory.

After sampling, samples are sent to the Microbiology Laboratory.

The laboratory expert examines the sample in the laboratory and after the bacterial growth (which is called culture),finds and identifies the causative bacterium.

Then he tests the bacteria with discs produced by Bioanalyse (called antibiogram) and finds the most sensitive and effective antibiotic for this bacteria and reports it to the doctor.

The doctor determines the most appropriate, effective drug to treat her patient, and the patient is treated quickly and appropriately.

For the antimicrobial treatment of patients in a hospital, it is essential for the hospital to have / use these discs in the Microbiology laboratory. In order to treat the infection with the appropriate antibiotic, this test must first be used in the laboratory.

Bioanalyse - Antimikrobiyal Duyarlılık Testi Diskleri