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About Us

Bioanalyse was founded in 1983 in order to meet the domestic and international market needs and began its standard manuel manufacturing process based on published scientific literature. Our first apparatus used in manuel production and also painted discs provided in penicillin bottles for the first time are shown in the photograph below. In 1985 we started marketing our disc papers with printed codes packaged in special cartridges.

In 1984, Bioanalyse changed its name from “Bioanaliz” to “Bioanalyse” in order to be able to create brand recognition in international market as well as the initially aimed domestic market. The company has reached its second aim in the 1990s which was to enter the international marketing arena. Being a regular exhibitor since, Bioanalyse attended MEDICA Düsseldorf fair in 1997 for the first time and had the opportunity to meet its international customers.

Currently we are exporting our products to more than fifty countries. To see the international distribution network, please click here. Our goal is to perpetuate customer satisfaction, bring new technologies to our customers and expand further in the international marketing arena by meeting our prospective customers at international exhibitions worldwide.

Bioanalyse About Us